It is practiced in the so called whitewater rivers with turbulenced and foamy water or in waterfalls which makes this dynamic sport spectacular and extreme. The experience of practicing kayaking means adrenalin, beauty, fun, comradeship, physical challenge and the most, adventure.
It can be practiced all year long depending on the water level and weather conditions. It’s necessary to have minimum swimming knowledge as it is a water sport.

The kayaks are new, made specially for whitewater. We have kayaks for beginners and also for advanced.

The equipment is composed of helmet, lifejacket type PFD(personal flotation device), neoprene, spraydeck, kayak, paddle and is assured by S.C. Extreme Zone Adventure S.R.L.
Activity place: Crisul Repede or Crisul Pietros, but at request we can make expeditions even on other rivers.

Available routes
1. The Pass Crisul Repede
2. Suncuius - Vadu Crisului
3. Bratca - Vadu Crisului
4. Bulz - Vadu Crisului
5. Boga - Pietroasa

There is one instructor at a group of 5 persons.