We have the first two and only international rafting guides certificated by the International Rafting Federation. (14 January 2008)

The name comes from raft which means any flat floating structure that can navigate on a river or other bodies of water. Rafting, as a sport, can be made on whitewater rivers with the help of an inflatable boat specially designed for this activity.

Rafting is a dynamic sport. Each participant is actively involved in handling and advancing forward the raft with the help of the paddles. It is not complicated, the secret is to listen and to execute the guide`s orders!

Available routes

Do you want to test your "sailor" skills?
1. The Pass Crisul Repede

Do you want something special?
2. Suncuius - Vadu Crisului

Do you want adventure?
3. Bratca - Vadu Crisului

Do you want a resistance route?

4. Bulz - Vadu Crisului

Do you need adrenalin?
5. Crisul Pietros: Boga- Pietroasa

At request we can make expeditions even on other rivers.

The "must have" equipment: helmet, lifejacket type PFD(Personal Flotation Device), neoprene.
Participating conditions: minimum swimming knowledge.
It can be practiced all year long depending on the weather forecast.
The minimum number of participants is 4/raft and maximum 6/raft. In case that there are less than 4 participants, it is paid the equivalent value for 4 participants.

Other activities:

1. Contests between the rafts.
2. Body-rafting (floating on the rapid with the help of the equipment)