Activity place: Vadu Crisului – Suncuius region
Length of time: from one hour to 2 days

We organize trekking or mountain hiking with mountain guide as a conductor in groups of minimum 2 persons and maximum 10 persons per guide. As a logistic part, we offer transportation and the necessary assistancy during the hike.

Trekking in Vadu Crisului - Suncuius region it`s characterized by a medium difficulty grade having numerous belvedere sights with peculiar beauties. This is why, we suggest to have a camera with you so you can immortalise the beauty of the landscapes. Generally, most of the routes can be approached in any season.

The booking/reservations are made by phone or via e-mail with at least 30 days in advance.
Compulsory equipment:

  1. mountain boots with Vibram sole and ankle protection (or something similar) and minimum 2 pair of socks for change
  2. 30-50 lt. backpack
  3. rain clothing: polar/raincoat or jacket and pants
  4. a warm blouse (Fleece, Polartec etc)

All the things packed in the bag have to be put in plastic bags to not get wet in case you don`t have a waterproof cover for the backpack.