Canyoning means traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, and/or swimming.

It`s a sport discovered by speologists, pleasant but difficult, being recommended only to those who are physically well prepared and familiarized with mountain sports.

The natural frame is made up by narrow streams formed mainly from chalky stones.

Available routes:

1. Cheile Galbenei
Access: from the main road DN76 locality Sudrigiu you have to turn left and follow the road to locality Pietroasa. After Pietroasa you have to follow the forestry road galbena until you see a bridge that is over galbena Valley. Canyon`s length: depending on the team`s number; a medium time for a team made up of 4 people is 3 hours. Level difference: 200m. Best period: summer, autumn. Equipment needed: neoprene suite, harness, cowtail, dynamic rope(min.40m long), headlamp, helmet. There is no phone signal. Risks: drowning, high flood, traumatism. Recommendations: to sound all the jumping, rappelling etc. areas. Accommodation: Boga Village, Cetatile Ponorului chalet, Padis chalet or in tents. Itinerary: Padis-Poiana Glavoi-Ghetarul Focul Viu-Izbucul Galbenei.

2. Cascada Bohodei
Access: Oradea to Sudrigiu follow the main road DN76, turn left to Pietroasa, turn right to Aleu valley. Canyon`s length: without counting the acces road to the area, 4 km. Time needed: 1-2 hours. Level difference: 90m. Difficulty: high. Best period: from April till September. Equipment needed: harness, cowtail, eight rappel, helmet, neoprene suit. There is no phone signal! Risks: collapse, hypothermia. Accommodation: camping, chalets, private pensions. Itinerary: Pietroasa-Aleului valley-Bohodei Waterfall.

3. Canionul Vaii Oselu
Access: in Sudrigiu from DN7 you have to turn left and follow the road till Pietroasa. From Pietroasa turn right to arrive to Holiday Village Boga, here you have to turn right and follow the road until you get to Oselu waterfall. Canyon`s length: 1,5 km. Time needed: 3 hours. Level difference: 150m. Best period: spring, autumn. Equipment needed: neoprene suit, harness, dynamic rope (min.40 m), helmet. Risks: drowning, high flood, traumatism. Recommendations: verifying the safety pitons. Accommodation: Boga Motel, La Mama Pension, Sebisel chalet, tent. Itinerary: Pietroasa-Boga-Cascada Oselu.

4. Valea Seaca
Access: from the Pasul Vartop - DN 75 to Groapa Ruginoasa.
Canyon`s length: (without counting the acces road) 4 km. Time needed: aprox. (without counting the acces road) 3-4 hours. Level difference: 250 m, +300 m till the effective canyon. Difficulty: medium. Best period: from April until October. Equipment needed: rope, harness, cowtail, eight rappel, helmet, first aid kit. In the winter: crampons, ice tools, harness, helmet. There is no phone signal! Risks: falls, hypothermia, high flood. Recommendations: the route can be approached even in winter from downstream to upstream, accosting the icy waterfalls. Accommodation: camping; chalets; private pensions. Itinerary: Vartop- Groapa Ruginoasa – Seaca Valley – Galbena Valley – Luncsoara Valley - Cornul Ponita - Vartop