We organize snowkayaking at Arieseni. For eagers, but especially for organized groups, the prices are reasonable and vary on the number of participants and the number of descents each wants. At the moment we can assure transportation from Oradea to Arieseni and back, but only for maximum 10 persons plus the equipment needed.

Radu T. and Ionut F. from Extreme Zone Adventure have introduced this new sport in Romania. We started snowkayaking for the first time at Arieseni. How could it be described? A generator of adrenalin placed between the sled and the bobsleigh, accessible but more spectacular. Why is it extreme? Because you don`t have brakes, you can stop only when you get down in the valley and the linear direction hard can be modified! For the maintenance of the direction you can easily brake with your hands or with the paddle aside (on left or right depending on the case), but this will not slow you down too much. We tried the both options: with and without the paddle. There aren`t big differences, but when you`re using the paddle there is the risk to fall over it and break it, as we experienced once. About the speed, there are no words to describe it. When you come across a hop you get to fly! About stopping, we stopped when we capsized or when we got down in the valley. But the aim was the speed as fast as we could and the jumps as high as possible. You don’t need much technical knowledge to make snowkayaking, as in ski and snowbarding you need only the mania of speed and the adventurous spirit. You are more safe in a kayak than in a sled and more free than in a bobsleigh, but we got what we wanted, fun at high speed. Surprisingly for me, the kayak “forgives” many wholes and elevations of the ground which normally would induce a very sudden and unpleasant stop, but almost all the obstacles where transformed in bigger or smaller spring boards.

We suggest
, for higher safety, as equipment: helmet, goggles, gloves etc especially for the air jumps and for the stops. For a less extreme downhill it can be chosen a softer slopes where the kayak does not accelerates so much.

We don't recommend to use the slopes equipped for skiing, because at a very high speed you can easily loose control and you put yourself in danger as well as the others around you.

The correct position in the kayak is bent in front. This position prevents the possible shocks over the spine.

It is very important to choose the stopping place, free without obstacles, preferable in a valley or on a contrary slope. To practice snowkayaking in its magnificence I suggest to do it on a fluffy or fresh snow and please avoid the ice!!!