1. Notice
All the participants at the activities organized by S.C. Extreme-Zone-Adventure S.R.L. must read carefully and to understand very well the lines that follow. Only if you agree and accept all the conditions mentioned bellow, you can participate at any kind of activity organized by S.C. Extreme Zone Adventure S.R.L. The personal insurance is not included in the programme`/shift`/hike`s price that you have inscribed.

2. Your equipment

It is a must to have the adequate equipment according the season and weather.
- Bad weather clothes (rain, wind): poncho, cape or jacket and waterproof pants
- Changing clothes and warm clothes from material similar to Polartec (1 or 2 blouse)
- Swimming suit for the activities that take place in the water and towel.
Beside this you can take with you in the backpack other personal things.

3. Our equipment
Depending on the activity that is taking place we will offer all the needed material/equipment, all being in accordance with the European safety and qulity standards.
By this, you are obliged to take care of the received equipment and to return it in the same condition. In case of a deliberate damage/lost or in case of not returning the materials you are obliged to buy/pay it at the posted selling price on this site at the “Equipment” section. It is considered deliberate damage even the fact that you didn`t followed the guides` or representatives` advices and recommendations, all this leading to the alteration/degradation/destruction/loss of the received equipment.
Even if it sounds odd, it is forbidden to pea in the neoprene suit otherwise you risk to compromise it permanently, catching a bad smell. In case of physiological needs or any other problem please let know the guide. In case you urinate in the neoprene suit you will be charged with the amount of 100RON. Use your equipment according to the indications given at fitting!!!

4. Assuming the risks
All the activities carried out by S.C. Extreme-Zone-Adventure S.R.L. produce risks and dangers because they take place in mountain areas, forest, on/in rivers/lakes; o cause can also be the nature`s forces or phenomenons, but they don`t restrict to these. The risks might appear also during the activities but also during transportation to/from the place of the activities. The accidents, illnesses or even death might happen even in the isolated areas with or without medical facilities, with difficult evacuation, possible charged. Also, S.C. Extreme-Zone-Adventure S.R.L. and its representatives, employees, co-workers and associates take no responsibility for the possible accidents, losses or personal damages due to the circumstances, weather, fire, governmental actions or other authorities, or even in case of war, strikes, terrorist actions, theft, epidemics, quarantine situations, dangerous incidents in the airy, maritime or terrestrial space, or for any other actions or incidents.
S.C. Extreme-Zone-Adventure S.R.L. reserves its right to make any reasonable changes of the programmes.
In case of cancellation of some activities, S.C. Extreme-Zone-Adventure S.R.L. and its representatives are not held responsible for the possible additional expenses made by you, for the carriage in good conditions of the programme.
S.C. Extreme-Zone-Adventure S.R.L. reserves its right to refuse carrying out some services to third parties or companies, without motivating the refusal.

To avoid the possible organizational problems please contact us by phone for booking and details establishment.

Terms & Conditions [DOC]